The American brand Mitzi is part of the lighting holding, founded in 1985. The mission of the company is the creation of timeless lighting, incorporating the features of several styles and eras. Taking care of the environment, the specialists of the factory use only natural, environmentally friendly raw materials. In production stainless steel alloys, glass, precious metals are used.

Mitzi produces modern lighting, which has absorbed the features of modern and high-tech. Characteristic features of the collections are the abundance of shiny surfaces and elements, experiments with form. This is the ideology of the company: it seeks to get rid of the" mess", creating practical accessories, devoid of pretentious decor. Appearance becomes an expression of the function performed, however, objects can not be called boring or simple.

Despite the restraint in the choice of jewelry, accessories look unconventional. Cylindrical lampshades are placed in transparent cones, spherical lamps are strung on the chrome frame, and many thin tubes are crossed in the Central part and pass into the base. There are also lamps familiar to industrial interiors: they are an inverted hemisphere, from which the edge of the bulb is visible.

The company produces massive chandeliers suitable for large rooms, spotlights that look advantageous groups, miniature sconces for bedrooms, as well as table models, which can be traced the influence of traditional styles. The color scheme includes, first of all, natural shades. The frame is painted in black and gray, contrasting with white matte shades. On glass items may be placed volumetric relief gently refracting and scattering the light.