The Artistica brand dates back almost 40 years, to a small workshop in downtown Los Angeles, where a group of talented artisans designed simple, yet elegant iron occasional tables that were forged and finished by hand.

BARCLAY BUTERA INTERIORS was founded by Barclay Butera in 1994 with his first showroom in Newport Beach, California. Since then, Barclay has grown his prestigious design firm with two additional locations, Park City, Utah and Corona del Mar, California.

Romance of the new generation-this is how you can describe the products of BUNGALOW 5. This American company specializes in the production of practical furniture in a modern style and has official dealers around the world. Inspired by history, brand designers always look forward and focus on the realities of the XXI century. The aim of the company is to bring modern perspectives in classic luxury.

Cisco Brothers - the American furniture company specializing in release of environmentally safe production. The headquarters of the brand and its homeland are located in Los Angeles. The factory promotes technology Inside Green, which is based on the use of technologies and materials that have a favorable impact on the environment.

Corbett Lighting produces lighting in the art Nouveau style. The history of the company begins in 1985, and its homeland was new York. The founder of the company, David Littman, strives to create high-quality products and focuses on the needs of real people. To satisfy them, the brand regularly introduces innovative engineering solutions into production.

The history of Currey & Company begins in 1988. Initially, this American company created and supplied traditional garden furniture from the Winterthur Museum and the Smithsonian Institute. Expanding the range, the brand began to offer hallways, birdhouses and village interior items. In the 90-ies lighting devices took the first place in the collections of Currey & Company.

French Heritage is an American company that produces furniture in traditional French styles. The brand combines several directions, creating a unique and harmonious product in demand among consumers around the world. It was founded in 1981 in Los Angeles. And the purpose of the brand was to develop not just furniture, but family relics that can bring together relatives and create an indescribable atmosphere of comfort.

The American company Hudson Valley Lighting is part of a holding company specializing in the production of lighting devices. The company, founded by David Littman, appeared in 1985. Implementing innovative engineering developments, the company continues to use manual processing of elements, and this synthesis allows to receive durable and strong accessories.

Harbour Outdoor only produces quality design concepts from the highest quality mediums. The materials used in designs are specifically selected by design team to ensure a unique, durable, and high quality product.

The KENNETH COBONPUE team is based on a small island in the Pacific called Cebu. They are blessed with lush landscape: radiant sun, clear seas, blue skies and rolling mountains. It is a beautiful place to come home to after traveling through cosmopolitan centers of the world.

Lexington Home Brands is a global leader in the design, sourcing, manufacturing and lifestyle marketing of upscale home furnishings.The Company’s award-winning product line of wood, upholstery and outdoor living designs encompass the industry’s most diverse range of styling

Since 1995, LIGHT-POINT has been producing innovative lighting products based on a long tradition for superior quality and craftsmanship. Over the past 25 years, LIGHT-POINT has brought to market an extensive product collection in an ultramodern and distinctly Danish design style, a design language that continues to unfold today.

The company was set up in 1980, at the start of a decade of splendid disruption in Italian design: they were the years of the post-modern movement, the Memphis Group and Alchimia, and the international success of Italian style and know-how. From the year of incorporation to the present day, we at Lumina have been true to the spirit of our origins, embodied in every element we produce, proudly and with undiminished passion.

Mirror Image Home - modern mirrors from Los Angeles. The company was founded in 2008 and quickly gained popularity across America. Now it is one of the most popular manufacturers of decorative mirrors. The brand specializes in the production of high-quality premium products.

Mitzi produces modern lighting, which has absorbed the features of modern and high-tech. Characteristic features of the collections are the abundance of shiny surfaces and elements, experiments with form. This is the ideology of the company: it seeks to get rid of the" mess", creating practical accessories, devoid of pretentious decor.

Today Molto Luce`s marks of light go far beyond Austria`s borders. The company employs 450 members of staff and it has also established internationally as excellent project partner for providing high-grade, design-oriented illumination, as well as for professional light planning.

Pablo was founded in San Francisco in 1993 by Venezuelan-born industrial designer Pablo Pardo. Pablo’s designs have been propelled to the forefront of International contemporary lighting by an uncompromising devotion to simplicity and utility.We are committed to creating lasting solutions that provide a lifetime of illumination.

The history of the Palecek begins in the 70-ies of XX century, when Allan Palechek went to travel the world. Studying traditional crafts of Asian countries, he assessed the potential of natural materials such as algae and rattan. Allan Palechek began to create and sell a wonder for the Western man: strong and durable wicker baskets.

Provocateur Art is is an art house dedicated to pioneering unique and luxurious decorative art making practices. We are artists, designers and crafts-people who meet and work together to push the boundaries of beauty in artworks designed for exquisite interior spaces.

The Tommy Bahama brand is legendary for its sophisticated interpretation of inspired island living. We believe that experiencing the casual comfort of the islands should be as easy as walking through your own front door.

The Troy Lighting specializes in production of modern lighting devices. It dates back to 1963 and now supplies products to many countries around the world. This eclectic line of accessories builds on 200 years of design achievements. Extravagance and chance – these concepts are embodied in the collections of Troy Lighting.

Zafferano, a Venetian company led by Federico De Majo, has been creating collections of tasting glasses, colored glasses and glass accessories for the table since 2001.

ZAVA was founded in 1982 from the creativity and visionary energy of Franco Zavarise. The company work metal defining its history year after year, thanks to the handcraft skills, strongly connected to a continuous technological innovation that contribute to make unique their handcraft skills. Today the company is considered an excellence of Made in Italy in metallic carpentry.

Madison Avenue is a brand dealer

The brand is based on the idea of creating authentic furniture and decor, which are replicas of iconic objects of different eras and styles. At the same time they are in harmony with each other and easily fit into a modern interior. Now the range of Restoration Hardware includes furniture, light, textiles, decor and art objects.