Restoration Hardware

In 1979, Stephen Gordon took up the restoration of the old Victorian manor in California, but could not find a suitable era door handles. Then he decided to create a company that could satisfy such requests. So there was a brand Restoration Hardware, which literally translates as"restoration of furniture fittings."

The brand is based on the idea of creating authentic furniture and decor, which are replicas of iconic objects of different eras and styles. At the same time they are in harmony with each other and easily fit into a modern interior. Now the range of Restoration Hardware includes furniture, light, textiles, decor and art objects. The collection is based on the styles of Rococo, Baroque, Empire, not forgotten strict English classics and unique American art Nouveau.

Designers give things an authentic vintage look, artificially aging valuable wood, natural leather, hand-made, brass, iron, steel. All furniture gets decorative scuffs, scratches and dents, turning into a unique and inimitable product.

Meanwhile, in the latest collection the manufacturer turned to modern style, eclecticism and minimalism. The modern direction became the real reset of the range of the company. Pieces of furniture have found straight lines, clear shapes with a minimum of decor.

The brand offers ready-made design solutions for the younger generation: Baby&Child collection includes cots, rocking chairs, toys and underwear for newborns, and Teen line — home furnishings for young ladies and gentlemen. At the same time, Restoration Hardware designers have abandoned bright colors here, creating children's ones in their brand "vintage" style.