Kenneth Cobonpue

The KENNETH COBONPUE team is based on a small island in the Pacific called Cebu. They are blessed with lush landscape: radiant sun, clear seas, blue skies and rolling mountains. It is a beautiful place to come home to after traveling through cosmopolitan centers of the world. Old traditions have survived here and the people convey a special warmth and friendliness. They collaborate with skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work. Many of the materials they use are sustainable yet they constantly strive to innovate their usage and extend their longevity. The specialized handwork that goes into each piece allows to keep our energy consumption to a minimal.

The KENNETH COBONPUE believes in the necessity of communing with nature and our fellow humans. They take connection with nature and culture seriously. It is this feeling of being part of the world that we realize in our brand. It is innate need to circulate around life, whether it be plants, animals, other people.

Great expanse, openness, lightness, familiarity with the elements and seasons, remembrance of things past, memories of people and places that give comfort, awe and wonder.

These emotions are evoked where they live. They want to share these same emotions with you through design.