Hudson Valley Lighting

The American company Hudson Valley Lighting is part of a holding company specializing in the production of lighting devices. The company, founded by David Littman, appeared in 1985. The mission of the brand is to create high quality lamps with a unique design. Implementing innovative engineering developments, the company continues to use manual processing of elements, and this synthesis of the past and the present allows to receive durable and strong accessories.

Modern collections are developed based on world cultural trends and take into account the trends of several eras. It is thanks to this that the lamps are distinguished by the complexity of forms and the non-standard of the decor used. Concern for the environment is not the last place in the values of the factory. Therefore in production natural, environmentally friendly raw materials are used: strong alloys, glass, precious metals, crystal.

In the name of the line there is a phrase Hudson Valley, which translates as"Hudson valley". The reference can be traced in the use of strict geometric shapes, restrained decor. Lighting devices are made in the form of cubes and cylinders, complemented by spherical and plafonds-tubes, reminiscent of the shape of an old hand lantern or loft version of the chandelier. Some of the furnishings are complemented by the translucent pendants, what traces a reference to the traditional styles.

The color scheme is represented by gold, silver, black, brown and white shades. Shiny, glittering surfaces are widely used. The range includes multi-tiered and compact chandeliers, sconces with one or more light bulbs, night lights and table lamps.